Solid waste management

WEPCO: Waste collector in action

WEPCO: Waste collector in action

WEPCO’s historic focus has been waste collection with the purpose of making a cleaner, more pleasant and safer environment for the householders of Lalitpur.

Every day, 6 tonnes of household waste is managed in our working area of Wards 1, 2, 10 , 20. Of this 6 tonnes, 1.3 tonnes is composted by the householders themselves in the 200 bins or 150 pits introduced by WEPCO. A further 500kg segregated organic waste is collected and used to make compost and  bio-gas.

This means that around half the waste collected in these wards is being recycled, thus the government saves approximately one waste truck travelling to Sisdole every day.

This kind of programme is being replicated in the Balaju area – where one of the 6 women’s groups formed by WEPCO this year is active. 86 households are now active there in organic waste segregation and bin composting and this number is steadily growing.

Over the years a great deal of expertise has been built up in the following activities and they continue to be carried out:

Waste collection, segregation, community awareness and mobilization

This is fundamental to WEPCO. We practice what we preach – by running the following activities efficiently we provide an essential service to the community through which we can further raise awareness and change habits.

  • Collection
  • Segregation
  • Recycling
  • Door to door awareness program on “3R”


Organic waste which is segregated at the household level is composted at our facility in Kupondole.We:

  • Produce quality, packaged compost
  • Market compost
  • Produce and sell Effective Microorganisms (EM) to enhance composting rate
  • Provide advice and expertise to householders and community groups

Paper Recycling

As part of our ‘Green Circle’ initiative with local business, we collect waste office paper for recycling. We manage:

  • Waste paper collection
  • Segregation
  • Production and marketing of crafts (bags, notebooks, calendars etc)

While we collect paper from businesses, we do also offer full Solid Waste Management programmes for businesses and NGOs. Some examples of the type of clients are: Standard chartered bank, UNDP, Lincoln school, Danida, Dabar Nepal Pvt. Please contact us if you are interested in WEPCOs expertise in managing your solid wastes.

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