What we do

WEPCO manages a mixture of day-to-day activities and special programmes. While we are routinely involved in the management and recycling of household waste in Lalitpur, we have great expertise in developing education programmes, mobilizing communities, demonstrating technologies and empowering women to make changes in their lives and environments.

Our vision and mission are as follows:


To live in a clean and pollution-free urban environment where our children can grow to become healthy stewards of their natural heritage.


  • To work with local communities for creation of a clean and hygienic urban environment
  • To empower women to manage solid waste issues in their localities
  • To increase environmental awareness among urban communities and school children with emphasis on “3-R” concept
  • To institutionally develop WEPCO as a catalyst for solid waste management.


WEPCO  functions as a catalyst for partnering with different stakeholders to achieve urban solid waste management. WEPCO mobilizes stakeholders and partners to achieve solid waste management through:

  • Developing community knowledge, skill and capacity for solid waste management using ‘Interaction days’, demonstration days
  • Increasing environmental awareness among school children through Eco-Clubs
  • Generate awareness to promote action among line agencies and private sector

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