Green Circle

Introduction To GREEN CIRCLE

In order to increase the involvement of the private sectors in environmental conservation, WEPCO had introduced the ‘GREEN CIRCLE” Program. It is used as a mean for private companies to adopt the environmental friendly office practices. Basically, GREEN CIRCLE is a new initiative involving business houses in Nepal for environmental practices that are good for both business and the environment. It is a benchmark for good office practices of reducing waste papers and recycling them with partnership with WEPCO. WEPCO will collect all the waste paper from private companies and recycle them to make recycled papers creating the environmental friendly image of the company.


The major objective of the GREEN CIRCLE is to promote environmental friendly office practices in private sector, thereby promoting the positive and eco-friendly image of the company. The Green Circle concept is basically for following purpose:

  • To motivate  private sector, NGOs, INGOs, Banks, Hotels etc. participation for Waste Paper collection and recycling.
  • Recycling of the waste paper and putting it back for Reuse into market place.
  • Empowers private sector for environmental conservation activities.

Benefits from GREEN CIRCLE

  1. Collection of all the Official waste papers for recycling. There will be collection of paper at regular interval or according to the requirement.
  2. Use of the registered and branded GREEN CIRCLE Logo and identity kit in the official collateral, stationery and advertising campaign to convey the organizational commitment for good environment practices.
  3. Program Initiation Training-A short training about environmentally friendly office practices and cost cutting methods to an officer nominated by the organization.
  4. Use of customized printed and branded paper pads for the notes and rough works (thereby reducing your paper costs and promoting the organization’s eco-friendly office practices.)
  5. Use of attractive customer made Green Circle merchandising materials like posters, display boards and other resources in the public service areas or the other public forums like meetings and client events.

Membership Fee

The membership Fee is categorized on the basis of the number of employees at the respective organization. It is as follows:

  • NRs. 5,000/- (In Words: Five Thousands Only) per year for Organization with 50 Employees
  • NRs. 10,000/- (In Words: Ten Thousands Only) per year for Organization from 51 to 150 Employees
  • NRs. 15,000/-(In Words: Fifteen Thousands Only) per year for Organization from 151 to 300 Employees
  • NRs. 20,000/- (In Words: Twenty Thousands Only) per year for Organization with more than 300 Employees

Paper Collection Rate: NRs. 1000/-(In words: One Thousands Only) per trip ‘ll be charged according to the location. If organization itself drops its waste paper at WEPCO then Its absolutely FREE.

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