Workshop on Existing E-waste Management Practices and Policy

WEPCO (Women Environment Preservation Committee) conducted Workshop on Existing E-waste Management Practices and Policy at Summit Hotel on 10th August, 2015. The workshop was supported by UNDP, GEF and SGF.

The objectives of the workshop were:

 To shed light on the existing scenario of e-waste management.

 To obtain policy draft recommendation for e-waste management.

 To inculcate the views and perception of the stakeholders in the process.

The program was inaugurated by lighting of lamp by Chief Guest Dr. Bhartendu Mishra, Member of National Planning Commission. The workshop was attended by experts on waste management, professors, environmental scientist, law officers and media personnel.

Mrs. Bishnu Thakali, President of WEPCO started with the Welcome Speech. She spoke about the history of the WEPCO and focused on research on E-Waste management. She talked about the urgency for e-waste management in Nepal and the necessity of the workshop for developing the appropriate policy for e-waste management in Nepal.
Ms. Garima Shrestha on presentation
The formal program began with the presentation by Garima Shrestha on the existing practices on e-waste management. This was followed by presentation on National and International Policy on e-waste and recommendation draft by Dipendra Oli, Legal Officer of the Ministry of Urban Development.

After this open discussion of all the participants began. This part was the highlights of the event and provided recommendation for making policies. To sum up, Kedar Rijal, HoD of Central Department of Environmental Science gave a speech. The program ended with the closing speech by Bishnu Thakali, President of WEPCO.

The workshop allowed obtaining policy draft recommendation for e-waste management byinculcating the views and perception of the stakeholders.

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