Sensitization workshop on Bio-gas

WEPCO organized second Sensitization Workshop on Biogas in 31st August 2010 with theme “Solution of Waste Biogas is the Best” supported by Give2Asia, in partnership with the Private and Boarding School Organization Nepal (PABSON) and in Local Development Training Academy Hall, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.

All together 100 participants from different schools and students, participated in this programme. The programme was held with Chairmanship of Bishnu Thakali, President (WEPCO), Chief-guest Joint Secretary Mr. Reshmi Raj Pandey, Ministry of Local Development, and other distinguished guests from PABSON, Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilization Center (SWMRMC), Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC).


The program started at 11:00am with the registration of all the participants. And formal program started at 11:30am at LDTA Hall. The Program was announced by Yukta Yadav, President, Nagarjuna Eco-Club. The program started with chairing of all the guests and then inauguration by Chief Guest, Mr. Reshmi Raj Pandey and Mrs. Bishnu Thakali, President (WEPCO) gave Welcome Speech and facilitated the participants with the program highlights.

  1. Bishnu Thakali, President (WEPCO)

Mrs. Thakali facilitated participants about Women Environment Preservation Committee (WEPCO) and also about the problem of Solid Waste in Kathmandu valley and the solution as Biogas comes before.  She also insisted everybody to get involved for the promotion of Biogas as eco-friendly solution. And she also highlighted about that half day program.

Paper Presentation:

  • Topic: An Introduction to AEPC

Mr. Thakur Ram Devkota, Senior Advisor, Rural Energy (AEPC)

The first presentation of the day was about the introduction to Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) that has been working for the promoting the alternative energy like biogas, solar energy, sudhariyeko chulho etc. Mr. Chaulagain also facilitated all participants about the subsidies provided by AEPC to the people interested to install biogas plants.

  • Topic: Solid Waste Management

Mr. Om Bam Malla, Program Coordinator (WEPCO)

The second paper presentation was about basic things about solid waste management. The present condition of waste, how it is managed, and how we can manage it efficiently, were the few contents included in the paper.

  • Topic: Solution of Waste Biogas is the Best

Mr. Jeeban Shrestha, Research Officer (WEPCO)

The third and the last presentation of the workshop was on biogas. Mr. Shrestha described the participants about the general introduction of biogas plant and its uses as well as advantage in different aspects like economic, environmental and social. He also showed the photographic representation of the process of biogas construction.

  1. Open Discussion Session:

The open discussion session was started right after the paper presentation program. The queries from the participants were answered Mrs. Bishnu Thakali, President (WEPCO) for Organization and organizational contribution, Mr. Jeeban Shrestha (WEPCO) to answer about the technology and Mr. Thakur Ram Devkota (AEPC) and Mr. Toparam Acharya (SWMRMC) to answer about the governmental contribution and its related queries. Few participants who asked the questions about biogas related technology, subsidy for biogas, cost, advantages, demerits, etc.

i. Binod Chudal, Co-Principal (Nexus Int’l Academy)

ii. Geeta Khadka, Teacher (Suryodaya Secondary School)

iii. Laxman Prashad Marasini, Teacher (Mt. Glory School)

iv. Gauri Karmscharya, Principal (Mamata Vidya Sadan)

v. Nabaraj Mahat, Principal (Kanchan Secondary School)

vi. Ganesh Thagunna, Student (Golden Gate Int’l College)

vii. Bijaya Sambahamphey, General Secretary (PABSON)

viii. Prerana KC Kharel, Principal (Sankhadevi English School)

ix. Shree Krishna Neupane, Ranger (NTNC)

Some Questions asked at the workshop program are given below in points:

  1. Alternative Energy Resources?
  2. What is the subsidy for the hydropower in hilly region?
  3. Solid Waste Management?
  4. What is slurry?
  5. What can we do for slurry?
  6. What is the feeding rate of Biogas Plant?
  7. What is the subsidy for biogas in hilly and mountain region?
  8. What is different between biogas and cow dung gas?
  9. What is the plant that can be used for biogas to produce efficiently?
  10. What time is consumed to produce gas?

b)   Mr. Reshmi Raj Pandey, Joint Secretary Ministry of Local Development

Mr. Pandey thanked WEPCO to invite him in such program that deals with the urban environment and promised all participants to help them in their projects about the environment friendly technology. He also said that due to the solid waste problem in Kathmandu Metropolitan City he had to attain an important meeting in ministry but thinking this to be an important program he attended it. He also facilitated all the participants to work in hand in hand for the promotion of environment friendly techniques and alternative energy inside the valley. Since the problem of solid waste management is increasing day by day we have to decrease the amount of municipal waste so that we will have no problem in its disposal, he said. Thanking the PABSON for being partners in eco-friendly promotion he wished for the success of the program.

c)   Mr. Rajesh Khadka, President (PABSON)

Mr. Khadka thanked WEPCO for including PABSON in this program as a partner and was happy to join hand for an environment friendly techniques promotion. He wished for the success of the program.

d)   Mr. Vivek Dhar Sharma, National Program Assistant


Mr. Sharma also thanked WEPCO for organizing such an enthusiastic program about the organic waste management. He was grateful that the first program for biogas was started with joining hands between WEPCO and UNDP GEF/SGP. He also wished WEPCO for the success of the program.

e)   Mr. Toparam Acharya, Assistant Manager (SWMRMC)

Mr. Acharya expressed his gratitude to WEPCO for including SWMRMC in this program. He was happy to join hands for the promotion of biogas since it is the best technology to reduce the waste that has been a burning issue in Kathmandu Valley.

f)    Sharada Baidhya, Former President (WEPCO)

Mrs. Baidhya facilitated the participants about WEPCO its achievements and its contribution in solid waste management of Kathmandu Valley and she also thanked everyone involved to make program successful.

Request for Eco-Club and Library Membership Renewal of Students

We would like to inform you that Women Environment Preservation Committee (WEPCO) organizes the Environmental Education Campaign under “Environmental Education Promotion Committee”. During this campaign WEPCO conducts different programs for the students. There are about 47 school’s eco-clubs who are member under the Environmental Education Promotion Committee.

This is to request for the newly formed eco-clubs and the students of the school to renew their membership for school and library respectively and have an opportunity to take part in the different programs organized by this organization as well as visit the library for different environmental education books and literature.

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