International Day for preserving the environment

WEPCO celebrated International day for preserving the environment on the date of 7th November with the objective to provide knowledge and skill about the solid waste management, waste segregation and composting to the nearby community. The day was divided with two sessions. First session was of the training on household composting and Bishnu Thakali demonstrated the ways of composting to the entire participant.The main objective of the training was to provide knowledge and skill about the solid waste management, waste segregation and composting  to the community. The training was given to the 50 participants  so that they will be able to manage the house hold waste at the source level.


The second session was of the Compost bin and Bucket distribution to the participant by the chief guest Mrs. Dr. Sumitra Amatya (Director of SWMRMC).

The second session started with presidency of Mrs. Bishnu Thakali, (President of WEPCO). Mrs. Thakali welcomed all the participant, chief guest (Dr. Sumitra Amatya), guests( Mr. Pradip Amatya) and the Nagarjuna’s Eco Club family in the program. She also thanked the LSMC and SWMRMC for their cooperation in WEPCO’s program. Mrs. Thakali gave important information to all the participants about the current solid waste management problem, its effect on the public health and how we can manage it.Later, the program was inaugurated by the chief guest Mrs. Dr. Sumitra Amatya who, in turn, distributed the buckets to all the participants.

Beside 20 compost bins  , 50 pairs of Buckets were distributed to the participants.  The president told the participants that this program is just the launching of the big program. The buckets will be distributed to whole community so that they can make their own society clean and help in the environment management.

After the distribution of the buckets, Guest Mr. Pradip Amatya delivered his speech about the present condition of the solid waste in the Lalitpur area and what Metropolitan city is doing in the case of solid waste. He also committed that LSMC will always help to those community and people who are willing to be the part of integrated solid waste management and urge all the community to cooperate in their work.

Representing the Nagarjuna Eco club , President Manisha Chaudhary  thanked WEPCO for organizing such great programs and on behalf of her school and Eco club she committed that the Nagarjuna Eco Club will help in monitoring the program launched by WEPCO and work under WEPCO to make the community a Model in the case of Solid waste management.

Then, Chief guest delivered her speech stating that women should be very careful in the case of solid waste management as they are the first to handle the waste at the source of generation. Moreover, she  told that if we give only a few minute in the waste segregation and waste management, then we don’t have to face the big problem of solid waste. Furthermore, she warned that the community who will not cooperate with the waste pickers, waste handling organizations, municipality and do not manage their waste, they will be awarded with great punishment. At the end of the speech, she thanked WEPCO for organizing such great programs.

Finally, the Secretary of WEPCO Mrs. Rita Thapa thanked the entire participants, Chief guests and guests, Nagarjuna Eco Club and the organization which had helped to make this program successful and ended the program.

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