Bucket Distribution Program at Lalitpur Area

WEPCO is going to Lunch a Bucket distribution program at WEPCO office dated on 7th November 2011 in order to mark the International day for preventing the Exploitation of Environment. Mainly two program will be launched at the very same day. The distribution of the compost bin and bucket and Bin Compost training will be provided to the local community of Kopundole area. The Program will be inaugurated by the Director of Solid Waste Management Research Mobilization Center (SWMRMC) Mrs.Sumitra Amatya.

The training program and compost distribution program will be start from the 11:00 A.M in the morning and Bucket distribution program will start at 3:00 P.M in the evening. The bucket distribution program will be launched in order to prevent the solid waste problem in the lalitpur area. Two buckets (one Red for Non organic and One Blue for organic) will be distributed to the local community in order to develop the concept of waste segeregation and management at source level.


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