Bagmati cleanup

On the occasion of World Environment Day, WEPCO organised a Bagmati Cleanup Camp from June 6th until July 2nd.

NTNC supported the initiative and WEPCO is grateful for their help. Before the camp could take place, several meetings were held in the Kupondole community leading to the formation of the ‘Kupondole Rajtritha Bagmati Sudhar Samiti’ which is coordinated by Bishnu Thakali of WEPCO.

On June 6th all community members, local police and local youth club members joined the clean up camp. Other contractors were hired to operate cleaning equipment and removed the waste in to the care of Lalipur Municipal Council.

Until July 2nd 10 people were working regularly to clean the area.

Why is this camp needed? Waste in the Bagmati river tends to build up around the bridge area, blocking the water and trapping more waste causing a very smelly, unheathly environment. This in turn encourages more waste dumping at this spot.

By cleaning up the mountain of waste, the river water is flowing more freely and the smell faced by local people is reduced.

Its hard to say how long the cleaner situation will last. Certain people are used to dumping waste there. However local people are much more aware of the situation and that even the banks of the Bagmati can be cleaned up.

“Until there is strongly implemented law about dumping,” says Bishnu Thakali, “this kind of clean up will have to happen frequently.”

As you next pass the Bagmati bridge, take time to notice the difference, at least while it lasts!


  • I know this institution very closely.I congratulate all the team members who are working in this WEPCO for the improving the environment through solid waste management at the Lalitpur Submetropoliton City and other places.
    This institution is playing a crutial role for the betterment of Environment of Kathmandu Valley and outside the Valley through well management of solid waste .
    It needs support from government institutions, academic institutions in terms of policy, technical know how and finicial including international funding agencies. This type of institute will be backbone for the environmental preservation as well as resource menagement centers in many more developing countries in the world in coming days. I humbly request every level of personals as well institutions to give your possible supports to WEPCO for the clean, green and beautiful country Nepal.
    Yours Sincerely
    Khem poudyal

  • basant@wepco says:

    Khem Poudyal sir

    Thank you for your comments. It was nice hearing that you know us very well. We are doing our best for the management of environment in the sustainable way but for that we are not getting proper support from the local people. please let us know if you have any ideas how to initiate local people on environment conservation.
    Thank you for your kind coordination in our move.
    With regards:
    WEPCO team

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