SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: What works, what doesn’t?

Dr. Mohan B. Dangi writes a good article in the Jan/Feb 2009 Global Nepali Magazine. He talks about how KMC spends a relatively high amount per capita on SWM compared to other cities and still the system is far from performing at optimum. He writes:

This [KMC’s] expensive system doesn’t include integrated SWM practices, such as waste minimization at the source of generation, followed by reuse of waste with possible substitution, recycling, decentralized composting, and finally deposit of residual waste. Instead, efforts in KMC have consistently prioritized land-filling even though facilities have been inappropriate and ineffective.

And he is right. The answers are in front of our noses, sometimes too literally. WEPCO has been promoting segregation of household organic and inorganic waste for many years now. It takes time, energy and creativity to mobilise people to change their view of waste. But when it works, it works well, sustainably and at low cost.

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