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Since 1992 the Women’s Environment Preservation Committee (WEPCO) has been dedicated to cleaning and conserving the urban environment in the Kathmandu Valley.

During this time WEPCO has encouraged a new generation of women and students to learn more about environmental issues and play an active role in improving their local environment.

WEPCO is especially well known for their innovation and initiative in Solid Waste Management. WEPCO has introduced and disseminated many new ideas such as: community composting; home composting; vermi-composting; paper collection and recycling and bio-gas production from organic (vegetable) waste.

In recognition of its work. WEPCO was awarded the UNEP Global 500 environment award (2003), the WWF Abraham Conservation Award (2003) and Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE) Environment Award (1996) , Ministry of Environment has awarded WEPCO by “Women Environment Conservation Award” (2010) and Recently WEPCO is awarded with Solid Waste Management Award 2011 by SWMRMC (MoLD).

Women Environment Preservation Committee (WEPCO) is a non-profit, Community Based Organisation (CBO) formed by a group of trained housewives from Kupondol, Lalitpur. It was established on January 1992. The office is located on the south-west bank of the Bagmati River Bridge at Kupondol in Lalitpur District, Nepal.

From its establishment, WEPCO formulated a Solid Waste Management Scheme for the proper disposal and management of solid waste. With the cooperation of rate-payers, WEPCO achieved an 80% success rate, and thus the old and unsanitary system of “free disposal” of waste on streets was abolished in the Lalitpur area.

In 1996, WEPCO also initiated the organic composting and paper recycling programs, thus setting an example in producing ‘resource’ from ‘waste’ and developing an ideal solid waste management system.

Key facts

  • Nepal’s first non-governmental organization dealing with solid waste management
  • Formed in 1992
  • Women’s organization – run by women for women
  • Founding members (1992): 16
  • Total members (2011): 40

Financial Resources

WEPCO has developed a range of income streams to enable it to achieve its goals:

  • Collection of solid waste from households in Lalitpur
  • Replication of Biogas
  • Composting
  • Paper recycling and recycled paper craft production
  • Training of organisations in Waste Management related topics
  • Individual and organisational membership scheme
  • Partnership with Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City, and
  • Partnership with Private Sector (Green Circle programme which works with businesses to promote recycling in the workplace)

To achieve its ambitious vision and goals, WEPCO is looking for donor funding to develop and carry out its 2011 events programme.

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